Full-automatic Ultrasonic Bouffant Cap Machine (NK-GW3320)

Full-automatic Ultrasonic Bouffant Cap Machine (NK-GW3320)


For the health requirements, the bouffant cap with high-quality and soft polypropylene non-woven fabrics, does not cause skin irritation, comfortable to wear. Application to the medical department, electronic industry or the family health protection and widely used in food industry. The South Nekon bouffant cap machine production with clean and intact shape, sewing firmly and straight uniform, no jumpers and leakage, no holes and stains , easy to wear, Features to resist the allergy.

Parameter of full-automatic ultrasonic bouffant cap machine:

Type of machine:NK-GW3320
voltage: 380V  50HZ
Productivity: 40-55pcs/min
power: 4500W
air pressure:4-6kg/cm2


Product introduction:

This automatic machinery is specialized in producing bouffant cap, the productivity is up to 60pcs /min, suitable for hospitals and other no dust working environment. The processing is fully automated.

Product features:

1.This automatic machinery is specialized in producing bouffant cap, the production process is fully automatic in once-through shape without human intervention, eliminating the possible of contamination in the product process.

2.This bouffant cap machine adopts the ultrasonic operating principle with automatic tension control, wireless sewing, no pinhole and broken stitching, the products can reach the water tightness standard and meet the needs of isolation and hygiene.

3.The fully automatic bouffant cap machine with aluminum frame, beauty appearance but no rust with touch screen controls, importing the brake motors with low noise.

4.Small size, does not occupy space; high reliability, superior performance; high efficiency to save labor.

5.With advanced welding technology, products are soft and comfortable.

The details of full-automatic ultrosonic bouffant cap machine:

With aluminum alloy frame, Iron spray-paint shell, simple but beauty.

Picture 1:Delta touch screen control system, operating simple but intuitive.
Picture 2:Folding roll with plastic material, no rust, pollution-free to the products.
Picture 3:Elastic edging system, adjustable tension and pressure.
Picture 4:Once-through shape, automatic discharging, Length 19 inch, 21 inch, 23 inch adjustable.