Auto Ultrasonic Pillowslip Machine

Auto Ultrasonic Pillowslip Machine

Technical Data:

Model No: NK-MZ01
Size: 840x630x1430mm
Power: 220V,50/60HZ
Productivity: 20-30pcs/min
Power: 1800W
Air pressure: 4-6kg/cm2

Product Presentation:

1.Fully-auto pillowslip making machine, pillowslip will be finished directly;
2.Use PP non-woven material, can produce both flat shape and covering shape pillowslip;
3.Adjustable size;
4.Also printing device can be added according to requirements which can print in one or two colors;
5.Products suitable for hospitals, airliner, hotels and so on.

Product Features:

1.PLC programmed control and photoelectric sensors for positioning which assures the stable performance and low error and defect rate;
2.Auto stacking, cycle and tension control;
3.Adjustable ultrasonic welding;
4.Aluminium alloy structure, beautiful appearance, strong and rust-proof.