Ultrasonic Hook and Eye Tape Cutting Machine

Ultrasonic Hook and Eye Tape Cutting Machine

It’s a special ultrasonic cutting machine for underwear hook and eye tape cutting, it adopts cylinder and manipulator for material feeding which can effectively save the problem of cut accuracy, in the end of each tape there is a paper adhesion preventing device, tape and the paper won’t be feed at the same time (only 1mm-5mm paper be needed for each cutting.), this device will reduce the paper consumption to the lowest to promise to save the cost.

Alias: bra belt cutting machine, bra buckle belt cutting machine, bra hook and eye tape cutter, underwear hook and eye belt cutting machine, bra lengthening buckle cutting machine.

Technical Data:
Model No.: NK-JB2015
Ultrasonic Frequency: 20KHZ
Voltage: AC220V-240V/ 50-60Hz
Power: 1500W
Capacity: 30-80PCS/MIN
Weight: 125KG
Air Pressure: 4-6KG/CM2
Size: 1200mm×550mm×1350mm(L×W×H)

Function and Features:
This hook and eye use 20KHZ ultrasonic for high frequency vibrate frication to make the cut surface get high temperature, but after cutting the temperature will back to low immediately, so ultrasonic cutting has its advantages compared to the traditional way in cutter sticking, black edge, smelly in processing, hard edge and also there won’t be loose edge or get gooseflesh.
Single chip automatic control, operators only need to feeding the material onto the feeding frame, the remaining processing will be finished by machine automatically.


Finished products of ultrasonic hook and eye tape cutting machine:


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