20K turntable welding machine(NK-SD1526)

20K turntable welding machine(NK-SD1526)


South Nekon machinery Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech joint venture and is located in the beautiful Shipai Town of Dongguan with extremely convenient traffic. Since the establishment, our company has been dedicated to the optimization and integration of developing, making, selling, service and application technology of ultrasonic machinery, and providing quality products and best solution for users.

We professionally produce standard plastic welding machine, such as 2600 W – 3200 W plastic welding machine, 4200 W – 5600 W high power plastic welding machine and other precision welding equipment: double-head plastic welder, six-head plastic welder, hollow plastic box welding machine, fence tube welding machine, hot plate plastic welding machine, rotary plastic welding machine, car door welding machine, car dashboard welding machine, car bumper welding machine, we also design and produce other non-standard automated plastic welding equipment for our customer.

Technology Data:

Model: NK-SD1526
Frequency: 15 KHz
Voltage: 220 V
Power: 2000 W
Dimensions: 1500*1500*1850 mm
Capacity: 10-20 times/min
Welding Area: Φ 260 mm
Weight: 280 Kg


1.High efficiency and batch production;
2.None auxiliary material, harmless;
3.Firmly bonded, no distortion or damaged;
4.High air tightness and water tightness;
5.Piezoelectric ceramic transducer imported, output is strong and stable;
6.Anti-backwards and coaxial direct pressure design, pressure exerted evenly, improve welding precision;
7.Touch screen, parameter set intuitional and exact;
8.Imported main electrical components;
9.Sophisticated PLC control circuit, automatic overload protected system;
10.High precision segmentation imported from Taiwan, no error; NC switch, progress up to 0.01;
11.Unique design of level screw, mould is easier to debug;
12.High Q value transducer, output power strong;
13.Turbine design, adjust trip easily; alloy amplitude transformer, strong and stable ultrasound;
14.Electrical components, high performance.

Working Detail:

1.Capacity: welding time is only 0.01-9.99 second
2.Strength: can bear more pressure and tension
3.Quality: finished product is hermetic sealing
4.Cost: non bolt or glue, reduce labor and costs

Machine Details:

Touch screen, parameter set intuitional and exact; Computer control system of dual language, high anti-interference ability, time accuracy is up to 0.01 seconds and easy to adjust;

Mould made by aluminum imported from USA, not to oxidize or craze, greatly improve its lifetime;

This machine automatically sends and receives protective film, greatly improve production efficiency, and effectively prevent crushing to ensure quality.


Communications equipment: cordless phones, mobile phone accessories, shell of cell phone, 3-inch floppy disk, U disk, SD card, CF card, USB connector, Bluetooth, etc.