Ultrasonic Rhinestone Separating Machine

Ultrasonic Rhinestone Separating Machine


Ultrasonic rhinestone separating machine separate the rhinestone from rhinestone board by ultrasound. It is also called water driller separating machine.

Design concept:

1.Separate rhinestone by ultrasound.
2.Keep finished rhinestone smooth and beautiful.
3.Specially used to cut rhinestone, resin rhinestone, each cutting only costs 0.5-1 s, and a whole rhinestone broad only need one or two cutting. Finished rhinestone surface is smooth and no burr.

Technology Data:

Model: NK-S1526
Frequency: 15 KHz
Voltage: 220 V
Power: 2600 W
Dimension: 800*1000*1850 mm
Weight: 250 Kg
Capacity: 10-25 times/min

Configuration Data:

1.Imported piezoelectric ceramic transducer, output is strong and stable.
2.Anti-backwards and coaxial body design, pressure exerted balanced improve the quality of separating.
3.Digital parameter settings, intuitive and accurate.
4.Horizontal adjustable design, adjusting is easy and quick.


1.Automatic frequency tracking and overload protection device make the machine stable.
2.Concentric straight axle design, minimum degree of backwards and accuracy horizontal and vertical, effectively avoid damage to the rhinestone.
3.High output Power and large contact surface; rhinestone surface beautiful, efficiency is 3-5 times of traditional methods.
4.Adjustment is simple, widely used in manufacturer of rhinestone.


1.Capacity: welding time is only 0.01-9.99 second.
2.Strength: powerful amplitude, separate all rhinestone once.
3.Quality: separate full-page, not to hurt rhinestone plastic nozzle.
4.Cost: improve efficiency and reduce cost.

Operating instructions:

1.Working platform enveloped by an acrylic box, prevent fall rhinestone to splash.
2.Box can open on both sides to facilitate adjusting.
3.Safety sign posted at the entrance reminds operator to ensure their safety.
4.A diameter of 60 mm hole to ensure collect rhinestone.
5.The entrance is suitable for the operator.
6.Support frame in the corner can support the covers when they are open, and not to hurt people when covers are close.
7.Press two green buttons to start, red to stop; foot pedal instead of button, ensure quality and improve capacity.  
8.Stainless steel collection barrel at the left of the machine ensure finished product collect easily and not to spill.

Machine Details:

1.Computer control system of dual language, high anti-interference ability, time accuracy is up to 0.01 seconds and easy to adjust;

2.Display of swing and electricity makes the adjusting easy and intuitionist;

3.Twisting the screws around to adjust the level of the mould, convenient and ease to operatre;

4.Machine architecture with heavy machine locking device, the overall structure is solid, stable, and not easy to crack and degree of backwards is only 1/6 of the other locking device.

5.Original Japanese Imported transducer with strong, stable output;