Single head rotated high frequency machine (NK-GD0042)

Single head rotated high frequency machine (NK-GD0042)

Single head rotated high frequency machine: also called high frequency Embossing machine , high frequency branding machine and high frequency welding machine.

Working principle of Single head rotated high frequency machine:

 High-frequency devices mainly used high-voltage rectifier self-excited high frequency tube oscillation of instantaneous current to generate electromagnetic current electric fields, use the processed PVC, TPU, EVA, PET and other plastics material, the internal molecular of the material generate polarity of the friction and heat in the electromagnetic current electric fields, in addition, some pressure making the required welding plastic and products working perfectly.

The parameter of the Single head rotated high frequency machine:

Product name: Single head rotated high frequency machine

Model: NK-GD0042

frequency: 27.12MHz

voltage: 380V

Power: 5KW


weight: 350KG

efficiency: 6-10times/min

Structures of the Single head rotated high frequency machine:

This machine with single head rotated operation, the working table with both sides around the turntable, operator will turn it to 180 degrees with the right and left turntable operated interchangeably. The heat sealing process is controlled by time, is equipped with four time system. High frequency mainly adopts the operation principle with cylinder driving two linear guide to pull the working stable, outputting strong high frequency current, stable and reliable performance, air pressure can be adjustable according to sealing packing requirements of the heat welding plastic and material, mainly apply to heat sealing and welding for the blister, plastic, and many plastic products. Mainly adopting the way of flat install mold, the mold only need to be fixed on the flat, simple and convenient . The main advantage of flat nose is aiming at heat welding or blister sealing with larger high-frequency plastic mold, the size of flat panel mold is 400 * 200 rectangular plate.

Features of the Single head rotated high frequency machine:

South Nekon High Frequency adopt the International Industrial band of 27.12MHz,conform to the international standards. Square turntable can rotate forward and reverse flexibly, positioning accurately. Adopting the independent research and development high-frequency from Gold Electricity Company, can avoid the electromagnetic radiation interference , greatly reduce the high frequency electromagnetic radiation to the human. High frequency according to the requirements of heat welding plastic and plastic products features, choosing to install non-level heating equipment, and the temperature can be adjustable according to the material nature, mainly used to heat the mold surface. High-frequency adopts the latest research and development of protection device system from Gold Electricity Company, can protect the high frequency tubes from burning out due to the excessive current .The high-frequency adopts latest technology anti-ignition device system from U.S, taking advantage of high sensitivity spark NL5557 device, can instantly protect the high-frequency mold from burning out caused by excessive current.

Application of the Single head rotated high frequency machine:

South nekon high frequency mainly used to pure PVC, TPU, EVA or any soft or hard plastic, plastic, artificial leather material with 10% PVC, and the garment material is also can be heat sealing and welding packing.

Scope of application:

South nekon high frequency is mainly apply to the medical supplies industry, plastic, and plastic packaging industry ,clothing embossing processing industry, automotive upholstery industry, inflatable toy industry, household articles industry and the various of processing plastic products heat sealing and welding packing, such as: blister sealing, PVC plastic foam sealing, PVC blister welding, PVC plastic blister welding, battery packaging sealing, hardware tools sealing, PETG blister sealing, blister cardboard sealing, USB packing sealing, memory package sealing, PVC blister welding, high frequency plastic welding, high frequency plastic sealing, double blister sealing, PVC double blister sealing, double-sided board blister sealing, cardboard blister sealing, plastic heat sealing and welding.

Samples of the Single head rotated high frequency machine:

Blister packing samples:

PVC sealing and welding samples:

High frequency embossing samples:

High frequency branding samples: