Auto Hot Plate Plastic Pallet Welding Machine

Auto Hot Plate Plastic Pallet Welding Machine


Auto hot plate plastic pallet welding machine send the plastic parts to weld waiting area by auto feeding device; during the welding procedure, two heating plates will goes inside the separated pallet pieces to heat and melt it, after set heating time, the two pieces plastic will goes up/down to leave space for the heating place move back, then the two pieces plastic will be moved to be connected for sometime to weld and cool. After all of these procedure finished the finished plastic pallet will be transferred automatically.

Also be called: plastic pallets welder, auto pallet machine, pallet welding machine, two-sides gridding pallet welder, auto hot plate welding machine, auto hot plate welder, large PP plastic pallet auto welding machine and so on.

Auto Hot Plate Pallet Welding Machine Technical Data:

Model No.: NK-R1200
Power: 45 KW
Weight: 3500 KG
Power Supply: 380V, 50/60 Hz
Size: 7500*2400*2450mm
Compressed Air Source: 0.8Mpa 1 M3 Compressor
Control System: PLC and HMI

Mechanical Structure of Auto Hot Plate Plastic Pallet Welding Machine:

Mechanical Part:

1. Auto feeding and finished products transferring
2. Single column hot-melt machine, plastic hot melt die for upper and lower die can make according to customer requirements, 1210*1110 MM for example.
3. Adjustable weld depth, according to different outlook and welding strength requirements, fine tuning for upper die to reach the expected effects.
4. Original Japan imported linear bearing for longer using life.
5. After worker puts the pallet onto the transferring rollers, the following feeding, welding, withdrawing all will be finished by the machine automatically, labor cost reduce, stable and strong welding.
6. High-performance air cylinder system for more durable work and more stable performance.
7. Imported high precision guide rail for parallel material feeding and withdrawing, double linear bearing for auxiliary welding to assure the final effect.
8. Stable performance, precision control, and adjustable air pressure.

Electrical Part:

1. Imported temperature controller, independent control for each one, temperature can be set according to different size and different plastic.
2. Adjustable time
3. Mitsubishi PLC and HMI control, air push cylinder, easy operation, stable performance, compact size, for better productivity and quality.

Finished Pallets by auto Hot Plate Plastic Pallet Welding Machine: