Semi-auto Dust Mask Machine

Semi-auto Dust Mask Machine

Summarize of Semi-auto Dust Mask Machine

This dust mask machine can produce dust masks blanks with 2~6 layers raw material, it contains the magnetic powder clutch tension control system to shape more beautiful outlooks and cut off the defective rate. Together with the 15K dust weld & cut machine, ear-loop welding machine, 15K nose-wire welding machine, printing machine, manufacturer can produce the all kinds of dust masks very easy.

Finished Dust Face Mask Blanks


Technical Parameters of Dust Mask Machine
Model No.: NK-MMF901D
Power: 2000W
Frequency: 20Khz
Voltage: 50/60HZ 220VAC/ 10A
Main Machine Size: 1200*550*1200MM
Frame Size: 1100*1000*1750MM
Productivity: 20~50 pcs/min

Features and Function
1. Auto embossing, shape cutting and welding, different dust masks can be produced by changing of the roller

2. The horns are made of imported special alloy steel, after heat treating, wear-resisting and durable.
3. Without preheating before production, can work continuously fast, suitable for volume production.
4. The working plate is made of quality and treated wood, industry aluminium profile frame, electroplated spares, better outlooks and rustproof.
5. Magnetic powder clutch tension control for feeding system, also equipped easy operating material loading device.

Simple C-type Dust Mask Production Line