Ultrasonic Velcro Slitting Machine (NK-HB150)

Ultrasonic Velcro Slitting Machine (NK-HB150)


Dongguan City South Nekon Machinery Co., Ltd. Is a professional ultrasonic machinery development, production and marketing company, establish since 1997. The ultrasonic cutting, slitting department devote to develop and produce ultrasonic ribbon cutting machine, belt cutting machine, holing cutting machine, elastic band cutting machine, ultrasonic slitting machine, trademark slitting machine and semi-auto cutting machine. We also provide customized non-standard ultrasonic cutting and slitting machine.

Ultrasonic Velcro slitting is automatic slitting machine, tidiness kerf, auto sealing, high quality, Highly favored by many manufacturers.

Parameters of ultrasonic Velcro slitting machine:

Frequency: 20KHz
Voltage: 220V
Size: 1200*400*1550mm
Weight: 150Kg
Productivity: 3-10m/min

Mechanical Features:

1. NTK transducer strong power stability.
2. Material feeding smoothly, rewinding tidiness and adjustable.
3. Ultrasonic frequency 20Khz low noise.
4. Electrical cabinet is easy to read easy to learn and easy to operate.
5. Productivity is adjustable.
6. High quality circle knife, Wear-resistant and durable
7. Cutting knife is replaceable and easy to install.
8. Compact structure, reasonable design, artistic appearance.

Working features:

High efficiency- 10m/min.
Straightforward- easy adjust and operate.
High quality- auto sealing, no spark and rough selvedge.
Economic – auto working save manpower, one person can operate multiple machines.

Details photos: 

1. Straightforward electrical cabinet, easy to operate.

2. Knife frame control by cylinder, flexibility, Adjustable pressure.

1. Clear and intuitive operate panel.
2. Compact knife frame, easy to adjust and replace.
3. Taiwan imported horn wear well.
4. Special pressure plate keeps material flat.


Ultrasonic Velcro slitting machine widely used to clothing industry, shoes and hat industry, Luggage manufacturing industry, Decorations industry and packing industry.

Apply to process: belts, tape, Velcro, ribbon and satin ribbon.

Final products: