Ultrasonic Hurdle Lamp welding machine

Ultrasonic Hurdle Lamp welding machine


Ultrasonic Hurdle Lamp Welding Machine also could be called Plastic fence tube sealing machine, LED fence tube welding machine, fence tube welding equipment, two heads hurdle lamp welding machine, LED full color digital tube welding machine, LED contour light welding machine, led digital tube welding machine, LED guardrail light welding machine, LED fence tube welding machine, LED screen fence welding machine, LED lighting bridge welding machine.

Ultrasonic hurdle lamp welding machine mainly used to welding pipe plug of hurdle lamp directly without glue, For example, O shape, D shape, U shape, etc. The size of 18, 26,30,50,80,100 are all available, watertight and beautiful effect, convenient operation, high efficient, low reject ratio.

Ultrasonic hurdle lamp welding machine is a semi-auto controller machine; the operator put the hurdle lamp into the frock clamp and presses the start button, two air cylinders fall down to pitch in the ultrasonic mould, and then ultrasonic welding head generate ultrasonic to induce the head welding hurdle lamp, air cylinder would caused upper mold back and press air cylinder raised after welding finished, Finally, operator take the hurdle lamp away to finished once whole welding.

Technical Parameter:

Mode: NK-SHL1526
Dimension: 2000*800*1450mm
Voltage: 220V
Production: 10-15pcs/time
Frequency: 20KHZ
Power: 2600W
Air Pressure: 4-6kg/cm2

Principle and Features:
The 20KHZ pressure and high-frequency signals was induced by ultrasonic generator, and the inverse piezoelectric transducer transferred them into the same frequency mechanical oscillation, ultrasonic welding machine influence the plastic products by ultrasonic longitudinal wave, and  internal friction between the molecules raised temperature, when the temperature reaches the melting point of the work piece itself, the rapid melting of the work piece plastic, and then fill in the gap between the interface, when the shaking stops, the work piece in a certain pressure Setting of cooling to achieve the perfect welding. South Nekon Machinery Co., Ltd. offers one-year free technical support and services and provides life-long maintenance services.

Details Description: 

Ultrasonic mold is made of U.S. imports of aluminum alloy, human design, practical, no oxidation, cracking, greatly improving the life of the die; mold was designed by CNC machining centers, high precision accuracy.


Figure I: start and stop buttons: This machine adopts two start buttons to start, easy operation, and the production staff to ensure safety;
Figure II: Ultrasonic Transducer: The transducer NTK imported from Japan, powered strong, 3 times longer useful life than the domestic transducer;
Figure III: Clamp Cylinder: This machine uses two cylinders to compression tube, no shift, welding effect and stable;
Figure IV: tail stent: was made of aluminum alloy, beautiful, rust-resisting can be adjusted, simple operation.

Figure I: products before welding;
Figure II: part vision after welding;
Figure III: ultrasonic mold can be made according to customer requirements, using CNC machining centers process moulds, high precision;
Figure IV: finished products, attractive appearance, perfect welding effect, stable.