Vertical Hot Plate Welding Machine

Vertical Hot Plate Welding Machine

Technical Data:

Description: NK500 Vertical Hot Plate Welding Machine

Output Power: 8KW -10KW

Supply Power: AC380V

Air Pressure: 0.8MPA ( Compressor:0.5 M2)

Control System: PLC and Human-Computer Interface

Working Table: 1500x500 mm

Features and functions:

1. Easy operation, wide scope of application

2. Achieving watertight and airtight welding

3. Ideal for welding large or irregular work pieces

4. PLC computer control system on a man-machine interface for accurate, easy and safe operation

5. Digital PID temperature control function, resulting in more stable welding temperature

6. Carrying hot molds with linear rails, guaranteeing high precision and quality

7. Low-noise oil hydraulic buffering and shock absorbing system, quick, effort-saving, efficient, double fast as traditional units.