Double head oil hydraulic foot-operated high frequency machine(NK-GY0041)

Double head oil hydraulic foot-operated high frequency machine(NK-GY0041)

Technical Data:

Model No:NK-GY0041







(1)Sparks suppression: when sparks occurs, this machine has special electronic circuit can automatically cut the high frequency pressed sparks, can reduce the damage to mould and material and warning lamp warning.

(2)Electromagnetic Disturvance avoid device:high frequency stabilizer and suppressor can prevent the EMI to other electronic equipment, like television.

(3)Safety device: when electric current overload, the relay will protect the oscillating valve and commutator, when the machine under cooling, can cut the power automatically, avoid accident of improper operation.

(4)Special physical construction: special design and fabrication, strength enough to overcome any situation, engine base will never shake and special parts will be very easy to use and accurate.

(5)Easy adjusting Coherent Oscillator and special return circuit: adopt coaxial line tuner, simple and convenient to adjust, can setting the oscillation current according to the size and thickness of the product, to make sure the homogeneity of product.


PVC or any hard soft leather, cloth which contains at least 30% PVC can be weld and emboss, like shoes, trademark, adhesive paper, raincoat, rain proof canvas, umbrella, leather bag,  reticule,stationery, name tag, air-filled toy, water bed, car cushion, bolt, clocks, shade, electronics, toys, lock, hardware and tools. Special shell vacuum packages, especially design and build cooperate with clients’ requirements

Innovation: initiate combine machine tool and oscillation together, decrease 30% floor space. Cut down the high frequency return circuit enhance output efficiency, and most steady oscillation frequency.

high-effect:  the whole design of innovation, ergonomic and expertise make this machine have high quality and safety.

Sparks suppression (safety devise): when the sparks generate, can cut the high frequency return circuit automatically, reduce the damage to machine, and when the electric overload can cut the oscillating valve and the whole rectifier return circuit, can avoid frequency departure of improper operation.

Professional design: avoid improper operation, prevent EMI (such as TV and etc.)Increase mechanical functional and Work efficiency

Driving mode: oil pressure.