Single-head Ultrasonic Hot-fix Machine(NK-D2007A)

Single-head Ultrasonic Hot-fix Machine(NK-D2007A)

Technical Data of Single-head Ultrasonic Hot-fix Machine:

1.Frequency: 35KHZ

2.Supply voltage: 220V/(50/60Hz)

3.Power: 700W

4.Dimensions: 600*600*1050mm

5.Weight: 56kg

6.Air Press: 5-6kg/cm2


Features and functions of Ultrasonic Hot-Fix Machine:

1.This unit can fix beads instantly on the material (velvet, jeans, knitted fabric, PU leather, genuine leather or any other synthetic leather) by ultrasonic.

2.This unit is applied mainly to the hot fix of shoes, underwear, children is wear, T-shirts, embroideries, leathers, handbags, hair ornaments, hats and other decorations.

3.This unit is as efficient as 130 beads/minute