Nonwoven bag handle cutting machine

Nonwoven bag handle cutting machine


South Nekon Machinery Co.,Ltd set up in 1997, which research, produce and sale ultrasonic equipment, the Pro-environment department focus attention on all kinds of standard precision pro-environment machines, for instance, Pro-environment non woven bag machine, pro-environment handle cutting machine, pro-environment handle welding machine, and other custom- order equipment, for example, pro-environment non woven slitting machine, pro-environment cutting machine, pro-environment nonwoven mask machine, pro-environment fruit cover machine, pro-environment non woven bouffant   hat machine, pro-environment medical hat machine, pro-environment operating coat machine, pro-environment dust bag machine, pro-environment nonwoven CD cover machine, pro-environment filter quilt punching and cutting machine, and so on. Meanwhile, produce auto and pro-environment nonwoven equipment according to customer’s requirement.


This machine mainly is used for cutting nonwoven bag handle, which also is essential to the nonwoven bag manufacturer procedure.

Technical Parameter:

Model: NK-SWD2011
Voltage: 220V
Dimension: 1000*800*1100mm
Output Power: 150W
Weight: 40KG


1. Simple operation, Start quickly
2. Automatic operate, without labor
3. Cutting length: 0-1.6m, adjustable and precise
4. Auto stop when material is shortage

Details description:

Cutting mould was made of imported steel, mechanical transmission, stable and wear-resisting, longer useful life than traditional mould.

Precisely speed regulation device, adjust cutting speed depended on customer’s requirement.

Mechanical adjust length, clear mark, adjust conveniently.


Procedure of production: