Vertical Hot Plate Welding Machine(NK-RB500)

Vertical Hot Plate Welding Machine(NK-RB500)

Summarize Of Hot Plate Welding Machine:

Simple structure, easy operation and high productivity; works can reach water and air tightness after welding; is suitable for all shapes, sizes and all kinds of material welding. hot plate welding is a processing which be widely used,  economical and fast.

According to different workpieces different  requirements on welding process, production efficiency, degree of automaticity, one machine with several moulds type machine and high automaticity machine with several working platforms can be chose to weld several workpieces in one welding or multistation welding in one machine, also special multi-heads hot-plate machine is available.

Technical Data Of Hot Plate Welding Machine 
Model No.:RB-500 
Power: 8KW 
Air pressure:0.8Mpa 0.5M3 Air Compressor 
Controller:PLC and HMI 
Work Plates: 
(Upper) 760(L)*400(W)*350(H)MM 
(Lower) 760(L)*400(W)*350(H)MM 


Take FP series PLC as the main control unit, adopts HMI to replace the traditional control panel, has advantages as advanced design, reliable controlling, easy operation, audio-visual showing of the processing, rapid troubleshooting and warnings etc. 

Scope of Application:

1.)Automobile Industry:bumper、instrument panel、fuel tank、cylinder cover、lights, radiator grille、air pipe、visor(sunshade)、water tank and so on。 
2.)Others:steam iron, washing machine, vacuum cleaner(dust collector), floater, large plastic pallet and other irregular plastic workpieces which need to reach water and air tightness and also high-strength after be welded. 

Finished Products: