Ultrasonic Trademark Slitting Machine(NK-FTJ2018B)

Ultrasonic Trademark Slitting Machine(NK-FTJ2018B)

Features & Functions of Ultrasonic Trademark Slitting Machine:

Automatic ultrasonic trademark slitting machine use to slit braid, trademark belt (brand belt), apply to process Dacron, Chinlon, chemical fabric and nature rubber materials. This machine adopt German originally imported cylinder; Italy originally imported WEB guide system, USA imported ultrasonic system and Taiwan imported steel horn; make this machine more durable and high capacity, ultrasonic cutting, automatic sealing, no rough selvedge flat and artistic cutting edge.

Parameters of Ultrasonic Trademark Slitting Machine:

Name: Ultrasonic Trademark Slitting Machine
Model: NK-FTJ2018B
Voltage: 200V,50/60HZ
Frequency: 20KHZ
Slitting Width: 10-200MM
Weight: 300Kg
Power: 2000W
Size: 2600X1100X1500MM

Details of Ultrasonic Trade Slitting Machine:

Photo 1:
Slitting: Ultrasonic cut principle, auto sealing, no rough selvedge, doesn’t need pre-heat, high efficiency, soft artistic and flat cutting edge.
Cutting Knife: Swiss imported high quality circular knife, knife can be rotated when it fray, longer using life than straight knife.

Photo 2:
Adjusting knife rest:
1. The distance between knifes can be adjusting by customers’ requirement.
2. All knifes can sway together.
3. Easy adjustment applies to various productions.

Photo 3:
Preceding flattening device: Flattening the material, to achieve best slitting effect.
Rewinding flattening device: Flattening the material, easy to rewind and more beautiful finished products.

Photo 4:
1. Magnetic powder tension controller, precise and convenient.
2. Italy imported WEB guide device, insure rewind smoothly.
3. Intelligent digital displayer, show producing condition.

Chinese and English operate panel, easy to operate.

Steel Mould: Taiwan imported steel mould, durable than domestic mould, less heat, stable quality.

USA original imported DUKANE Ultrasonic Generator: adopted CE compliants, intelligent digital displayer, Real-time data monitoring; extensive adjustable amplitudes range, automatic frequency tracking; operating easy and convenient.

USA original imported DUKANE Ultrasonic Converter:

1. Professional special piezoelectric ceramics, steady vibration, stabilize output.
2. Titanium alloy amplitude transformer, propitious to persistent working.
3. Strong output, high efficiency