ultrasonic laser tape bonding machine(NK-Z1526)

ultrasonic laser tape bonding machine(NK-Z1526)

Summarize of ultrasonic laser tape bonding machine:

Dongguan City South Nekon Machinery Co., LTD was founded in 1997, is a high technical private enterprise owing independent import-export operation rights and multiterm propriety intellectual property rights. Since the establishment, the company has been devoted to optimization and integration of developing, producing, selling, and applicating of technology of ultrasonic machinery

Ultrasonic laser tape bonding machine, use the principle of ultrasonic to weld all kinds of laser tape to the PVC material instantly, the effect is fastness, and also can be colorful and beautiful design, will be perfect stereoscopic impression. It is widely used in the industries such as: sandals/belts/handbags and other decoration industries.

Alias of ultrasonic laser tape bonding machine:also be called laser tape transporting machine, ultrasonic laser tape transferring machine, laser tape laminating machine, ultrasonic bonding machine.

Parameter of ultrasonic laser tape bonding machine:

Model No.: NK-Z1526


Supply Power: 220V,1 or 3 phase

Speed: 1-4m/min

Power: 2600W

Air Pressure:4-6kg/cm2

Features and Characters of Ultrasonic Laser Tape Bonding Machine:

1. Imported piezoelectric ceramic transducer, output is strong and stable.

2. Anti-backwards and coaxial body design, pressure exerted balanced improve the quality of welding

3. Digital parameter settings, intuitive and accurate.

4. Horizontal adjustable design, adjusting is easy and quick

Details of Ultrasonic Laser Tape Machine:

Aluminium alloy feeding frame, beautiful, artistic and rust-proof.

Stepping motor for controlling of material pulling, accuracy and easy for operating.

1. Artistic frame, beautiful, strong and anti backwords.

2. Adjustable descending and ascending speed, easy operating.

3. Digital display of amplitude and current, the state of the working will be more audio-visual, hommization design and convenient for using.

4. Both Chinese and English, dual language mode, private developing of the computer control system, powerful anti interference ability, and the accuracy can be 0.01 second and also easy operation.

5. Simple and clear structure, which is easy for learning and operating of the workers.

Finished Products: