Automatic non-woven fruit bags making machine

Automatic non-woven fruit bags making machine

This machine is used to produce disposable non-woven fruit bags by ultrasonic sealing. Its products, fruit bags, make the fruits to be pollution-free fruits by isolating from pesticide or environmental pollution, and also make the fruits with good appearance, smooth surface, and bright color by isolating pests and dust. That improves grade of the fruits, makes good economic benefit.

Product description:
This automatic non-woven fruit bags making machine is a full-automatic machine, based on PP non-woven, use ultrasonic seamless sewing, makes fruit bags. The size of the bags can be adjust within limit, so that one machine can produce kinds of bags, such as: banana bag, apple bag, peach bag, mango bag, and so on.

Other names:
Non-woven fruit bags machine, ultrasonic fruit bags machine, automatic fruit bags machine, fruit bags machine, non-woven fruit bags equipment, non-woven breathability fruit bags equipment.

Technical Data:
Model: NK-MZ03
Dimension: 3760*950*1780 mm
Voltage: 220V, 50/60 Hz
Power: 5800W
Air Pressure: 4-6 Kg/cm2
Capacity: 40-120 pcs/min

Compact design to save space;
Stable performance, precise;
Ultrasonic welding, dimensions variable;
Finished with good appearance, high capacity;
Aluminum structure, beautiful and strong.

Basic Process:
Feeding → folding → ultrasonic sealing → cutting →bag manufacturing → Recycling → Counting

This process can be realized fully automated, just need 1 or 2 person to operate, dimension can be adjusted within limit; Touch-screen, together with step-length motor, photoelectric tracking (make machine run smoothly), automatic counting device (set quantity in advance); Meanwhile, in order to achieve energy saving and environmental protection, the machine has a waste device to collect waste non-woven, that reduces labor intensity and increase work efficiency.