Automatic Elastic Plastic Shoes Cover Machine(PE Shoes Cover Machine)

Automatic Elastic Plastic Shoes Cover Machine(PE Shoes Cover Machine)

PE(CPE) Shoe Cover Machine is a fully automatic disposable shoe cover machine which used PE(CPE) as raw material, from feeding to finished product collect all of procedure are automatic, high efficiency and low cost. The shoe cover machine products for hospitals, non dust industrial operations, food processing plant, is also used as a household cleaning product.

Technical Parameter:

Model: NK-XT0001B
Voltage: 220V,50/60Hz
Power: 3.5KW
Capacity: 40~55pcs/m
Product Dimension: 14x6’
Dimension: 1850(L)x1200(W)x1350(H)mm


1. PLC program control, Chinese and English operation interface, push-button control panel, easy to learn;
2. Used converter Control for precise operation;
3. Adopt ultrasonic and hot seal, auto clutch heating roller.
4. All imported components, stable performance; 
5. Independent R & D, quality assurance, product yield, good quality, and one man can operate, save cost and significantly improve production efficiency and increase revenue.


1. Hobbing cutter, products’ size can be adjust by change roller.
2. High quality ultrasonic welding non-woven edge cover.
3. Hot-sealing no spark no smoke.
4. Auto material folding, auto clutch heating roller, prevent fire accident.


1. Size: Finished size can be customized according to customer's different requirements
2. Elastic: Can produce a single bar products;
3. sewing: Ultrasonic seamless suture techniques; stitch pattern flexible, simple and convenient
4. Finished Product: ultrasonic welding and cutting for not to hurt the edge and without flash casual side, etc.; finished product clean and beautiful.


1. Food, electronics, protection, beauty, and other non dust industrial application, to ensure production workshop is clean, to eliminate unpleasant public slippers smell, and athlete's foot and other skin temperatures caused by cross-infection risks, and take off shoes, reducing indoor cleaning;
2. For sterile environment;
3. Ordinary household cleaning use, to solve customer pain of changing his shoes to eliminate foot odor and embarrassment, and can reduce household cleaning difficult; low cost, can also be re-use.