ultrasonic hollow crate welding machine(NK-SJK1532)

ultrasonic hollow crate welding machine(NK-SJK1532)


South Nekon machinery Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech joint venture and is located in the beautiful Shipai Town of Dongguan with extremely convenient traffic. Since the establishment, our company has been dedicated to the optimization and integration of developing, making, selling, service and application technology of ultrasonic machinery, and providing quality products and best solution for users.

We professionally produce standard plastic welding machine, such as 2600 W – 3200 W plastic welding machine, 4200 W – 5600 W high power plastic welding machine and other precision welding equipment:double-head plastic welder, six-head plastic welder, hollow plastic box welding machine, fence tube welding machine, hot plate plastic welding machine, rotary plastic welding machine, car door welding machine, car dashboard welding machine, car bumper welding machine, we also design and produce other non-standard automated plastic welding equipment for our customer.

Ultrasonic hollow crate welding machine with the humanization design, the operator can work at stand pose, control the welding part and tread the switch complete at the same time; special support structure, solid and convenient.

Technology Data:

Model: NK-SJK1532
Frequency: 15 KHz
Voltage: 220 V
Power: 2600 W
Dimensions: 1500*1200*2200 mm
Capacity: 15-25 times/min
Welding Area: Φ 260 mm
Air Pressure: 4-6 kg/cm2
Weight: 180 Kg

Features of ultrasonic plastic welding machine:

1. Japanese NTK transducer, imported cylinder, stronger power and more stable;
2. Anti-backwards body and coaxial direct pressure design, make pressure exerted more evenly, higher welding precision;
3. 2600 W power output, suitable for large plastic welding with good welding effect;
4. Use high quality electrical components imported;
5. Oscillation plate and crystal slab are imported from Taiwan;
6. Alloy mould, sturdy and durable, not to wear;
7. Unique design of leveling screw, mould is easier to debug;
8. Limitation welding system makes the finished products not overflow;
9. Smart structure, reasonable design and beautiful appearance.

Working Detail:

1.Capacity: welding time is only 0.01-9.99 second
2.Strength: can bear more pressure and tension
3.Quality: finished product is hermetic sealing
4.Cost: non bolt or glue, reduce labor and costs

Machine Details:

1.Operating: balance the hollow crate, then weld it;

2.Welding results like the picture, the mould can customize;

3.Mould with 3 spots as the picture, can customize 1 sopt and 2 sopts;

4.Computer control system of dual language, high anti-interference ability, time accuracy is up to 0.01 seconds and easy to adjust;

5.Horizontal adjustable design, adjusting is easy and quick

6.Machine architecture with heavy machine locking device, the overall structure is solid, stable, and not easy to crack and degree of backwards is only 1/6 of the other locking device.

7.Original Japanese Imported transducer with strong, stable output;