Automobile Instrument Panel Welding Machine(NK-QCYBP01)

Automobile Instrument Panel Welding Machine(NK-QCYBP01)

Technical Data

Brand:South Nekon

Model No.:NK-QCYBP01

Supply Power:220V


Speed:10 sec/pc

Function of Automobile instruments panel welding machine

1. PLC control, HMI parameter setting, simplicity of operation

2. Oversized welding space, wide range welding, convenient changeable moulds

3. Double start buttons design and safety grating for dual protection to improve the practical safety.

4. Fission type structure design, convenient to move, beautiful and harmonious

5. Original imported transducer, strong output power, ideal welding effect.

6. Be equipped with sound arrester to lower the ultrasonic noisy.

Features of Automobile instruments panel welding machine

1. Special for automobile instruments welding for automobile industry

2. Adopts multi-unit ultrasonic arrangement, to weld large and irregular workpiece through PLC

3. Rational Design, simplicity operation and high automaticity.

4. High welding strength, good sealing, without auxiliary such as nails, binders which can protect the workpiece from scratch.

5. For welding of large spare parts of automobile such as instrument panel, bumper, door panels, lights and stop lights and etc.

Welding Samples of Automobile Instruments Panel

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