Ultrasonic PE Film/PP Non-woven Shoe Cover Machine

Ultrasonic PE Film/PP Non-woven Shoe Cover Machine

Ultrasonic PE Film/PP Non-woven Shoe Cover Machine:

Auto ultrasonic PE film/PP non-woven shoe cover machine is developed by South Nekon Research & Development Department with 5 months bias on PE shoe cover machine and PP non-woven shoe cover machine, with keeping the original stability and productivity but combined two capability together to make the machine can produce both PE film shoe covers and PP non-woven shoe covers which need to be finished by two machines but now only one machine be needed, which can save both invest and cost for the customers.

Technical Data of Auto Ultrasonic PE Film/PP non-woven shoe cover machine:

Model No: NK-XT2055

Supply Power: 220V,50/60Hz

Frequency: 20K

Power: 5.5KW

Speed: 40~60 pcs/min

Product Size: 40x16 CM (According to requirements)

Machine Size: 2150x2100x1200mm

Auto Ultrasonic PE film/PP Non-woven shoe cover machine:

Both Chinese & English operating interface, buttoned control panel which is easy for learning and operating

Compact and smart design, accurate control by frequency converter.

Chromium plating for all the spare parts, beautiful and clean aluminium alloy frame

All rubber covered roller feeding system for smooth feeding; no products will be hurt during the processing;

Optional ultrasonic welding and hot melt welding;

Whole set original imported components, stable and lower error rate.

Autonomously research and development, with high quality and high productivity, only one worker is be needed for operation, can save the cost and raise the output efficiently to get more profit for the factory.

PP and PE material can be both used with this machine.


Shoe cover size: sizes of shoe cover are according to requirements, with change of welding module, this machine can make different sizes shoe cover.

Elastic: both single and double elastic can be used.

Sealing: ultrasonic seamless welding; flexible welding patterns, easy and convenient operating.

Finished products: ultrasonic weld and cut, won’t damage the material and without loose edge; with artistic and neat finished products.


1. Food, electronics, protection, beauty, and other non dust industrial application, to ensure production workshop is clean, to eliminate unpleasant public slippers smell, and athlete's foot and other skin temperatures caused by cross-infection risks, and take off shoes, reducing indoor cleaning;

2. For sterile environment;

3. Ordinary household cleaning use, to solve customer pain of changing his shoes to eliminate foot odor and embarrassment, and can reduce household cleaning difficult; low cost, can also be re-use.