Auto Ultrasonic Non-woven Mop/Cleaning Gloves Machine

Auto Ultrasonic Non-woven Mop/Cleaning Gloves Machine


Non-woven cloth is made of ultra-fine quality fiber by ultrasonic cutting, because of its soft texture, no scratches, no damage to the surface, but also has strong suction capacity, cleaning ability, it is widely used in kitchen, furniture, Flooring, electrical industrial equipment, automotive instrument, etc. South Nekon ultrasonic cleaning cloth machine use ultrasonic vibration theory, make the joint surface achieve high temperature then press to bond, this suture process make the joint soft, fine, free of needle and low cost. And another, this machine does not need labor from feeding to receiving; also it can produce 50-80 pieces per minute, significantly reducing the cost of production.

Technology Data:

Model: NK-C1540

Frequency: 20 KHz

Voltage: 220 V

Power: 1800 W

Dimensions: 840*630*1430 mm

Capacity: 50-60 pcs/min

Air Pressure: 4-6 kg/cm2

Weight: 1000 Kg

Product Presentation:

Fully-auto machine, the whole processing from material feeding to finished products cutting and output will be finished directly; both non-woven mops and non-woven cleaning gloves can be finished with same machine, only mould need to be changed.

Product Features:

1.Special feeding device for precise positioning and also high material utilization rate;
2.Separate feeding frame which is convenient for feeding and adjusting;
3.Aluminium alloy structure, smart, light and beautiful;
4.Stable performance and easy operation.

Product Details:

1. Imported ceramic transducer, output power is strong and stable;

2. Ultrasonic power supply with IC automatic protection system, low fault rate;

3. Aluminum alloy structure, attractive appearance;

4. Alloy steel cutting wheel imported from Japan, special technology make it more durable;

5. Imported PLC control system flow better known stability.