plastic pallet welding machine

plastic pallet welding machine

Dongguan City South Nekon Machinery CO.,LTD located in Zengwu Industrial Zone, Shipai Town, Dongguan City, which is a ten years experience automatic ultrasonic equipment company. Company produces all kinds of power and type hot plate plastic welding machines according to customers requirement, details about this machine is as follows.

The principle is weld plastic part by a temperature controlled hot plate, place a hot plate between two plastic parts for melt plastic if heated, the plastic surface will melt after a certain heat time, then take off the hot plate and two plastic parts will be a whole part. Keep the pressure several seconds after hot plate stopped to work for solidifying, the firm molecular chain will guarantee the weld effect is better than plastic itself.

Also could be called: plastic pallet welding machine, pallet welding machine, double sides gridding pallet welding machine, hot plate welding machine, huge hot plate welding machine, huge PP plate pallet automatic welding machine.

Technical Parameter:

Power: 35KW

Voltage: 380V

Compressed air pressure: 0.8mpa

Controller system: PLC, human-computer interface


Route dimension:

Up: 1800*1150*200mm

Down: 1800*1150*200mm

Weight: 4500KG


This machine has features of simple structure, easy operation, high efficiency, watertight, airtight, and fastness effect. It is used to weld various sizes of plastic pallets and thermoplastic material. The welding method is used widely, economical, high efficiency.

Mechanical parts:

1, the main pillar is ordinary single-column hot melt device, can be installed on the die (maximum size up to 1600mm * 1200mm) of the plastic melt mould;

2, the machine working smoothly, precise control, pressure welding parts could be fine-tuning according to need;

3, to facilitate the rapid adjustment of the welding head or a quick die change required, installed in the mold corner positioning device to achieve fast and accurate change mould, reduce time and difficulty;

4, the welding depth adjustable, according to the appearance of plastic parts and welding strength requirements, fine-tune the upper mould travel to achieve the desired effect;

5, Integration frame to prevent deformation of the machine movement more fluid;

6, This machine adopts linear bearings imported from Japan, longer useful life;

7. Installed safety grating to prevent workers from operational errors

8. The machine uses high-performance cylinder device can be durable operations to ensure good uniformity of products;

9. The machine adopted precise guide rail parallel and two linear bearings supporting crimping to ensure production quality.

Electrical parts:

1. The machine adopts the temperature control module, set the desired temperature according to the size of the work piece, can detect the heat pipe is working or not;

2. adjustable working time, increase or reduce the welding time according to the specific welding requirements.

3. This machine adopts Mitsubishi programmable logic controller (PLC) and touch screen human-machine interface to control movement, air cylinder, simple operation, reliable performance, compact size, improve production efficiency and quality.

Detail description:

1. Simple operates

2. The machine adopts PLC program control, touch screen adjustable parameters, the Chinese and English instructions

3. Weld firmly, beautiful appearance

4. Precise mold, positioning effective, easy to adjust.