Ultrasonic Trademark Cutting machine

Ultrasonic Trademark Cutting machine

Dongguan City South Nekon ultrasonic Machinery Co. Ltd, owned by South Nekon group, is a well-known manufacture which specialized produce ultrasonic cutting equipments. Ultrasonic cutting machine is also known as ultrasonic ribbon cutting machine, ultrasonic riband cutting machine, ultrasonic satin cutting machine, ultrasonic nylon tape cutting machine, ultrasonic Velcro cutting machine, ultrasonic magic tape cutting machine, ultrasonic elastic band cutting machine.

Technical Data of automatic Ultrasonic Trademark Cutting machine:


2.Supply voltage:220V






Features and functions of automatic Ultrasonic Trademark Cutting machine:

1.Smooth and tidy cutting edge, free of burr or fuzzy edge, optimum cutting

2.PLC control automatic feeding, computer counting, high precision, high speed, simple length adjustment, high efficiency and concurrent cutting.

3.Used mostly for strip cotton tapes, nylon tapes, strip ribbon, shaped into circle, swallowtail, rhombus, etc

4.If the width of the tape that you want to cut is less than one inch,you can cut two pieces in one time.

Sample of automatic Ultrasonic Trademark Cutting machine: