Ultrasonic  Mask  Machine

Ultrasonic Mask Machine

Ultrasonic  Mask  Machine(Face Mask Machine) Attributes:

Model No.: NK-KZ2020

Frequency: 20 KHZ

Voltage: 380V

Output Power: 20K/4.4KW

Dimension: 4000 x 1200 x 1500 MM

Weight: 850KG

Productivity: 160PCS/MIN

Ultrasonic  Mask  Machine(Face Mask Machine) Features and Functions:

1.      Supply Power: four wire three phase .The power of the main motor is 1.1KW,the foreign users can change it to be 220V/50Hz or 60Hz, the consumption power will be around 3.3KW;

2.      Size of the finished mask: Max width: 1500mm,max length can be 1700mm;

3.      The Mask Machine occupation area : length 3~4 M, width 3~4M,total area :around 16M2;

4.      The Mask Machines'Productivity can reach max at 160 pcs/min (under the stable quality).


More details: The Ultrasonic Mask Machine(Face Mask Machine) which is made by South Nekon includes: the feeding system, forming dies, ultrasonic welding system, main power system, aluminium automatic feeding system, static elimination system and automatic counting system ect., has the significant advantages as continuous adjustable, high efficiency , the finished product with high stability, easy and accurate counting, high utilization rate of raw materials, little operators etc.The Mask Machine is one of the best machines for the disposable masks in the international mask  machine market, is the newly developed machine, gains a high reputation from the customers and mask manufactures.