Hand Gun Spot Welding Machine(NK-S2805B)

Hand Gun Spot Welding Machine(NK-S2805B)

South Nekon Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise which set up in 1997 and research, develop and sale ultrasonic equipments, The Plastic welding department focus attention on manufacturer all kinds of standard and customer-order welding machines and small welding machines, for instance, 15K、20K、28k、35K、40K and other kinds of precision welding equipments.

This hand gun spot welding machine used wildly and has the function of hot fix and welding, patch welding, because of its simple operation, taken conveniently, smart and room saving, it’s a very popular small equipment in many factories.

Alias of hand gun spot welding machine: portable hand gun welding machine, had gun plastic welding machine, portable plastic welding machine.

Technical Parameter:

Model No.: NK-S2805B

Frequency: 28KHZ

Voltage: 220V



Weight: 14KG

Welding Diameter: 1-8mm

Stone Diameter: 1-5mm

Features of machine:

1, imported high quality ultrasonic transducer which power and stable

2, excellent sharp design, square saved.

3, It’s output power is 800W, higher and stronger than other machines

4, Essential part was assembled by imported component

5, little noise, pro-environment

6, Newly developed portable design, more convenient for operation and carrying

7, Dual working way on by both hand and foot, flexible and practical.

8, Has an excellent frequency tracking performance by the patent owned closing negative feedback loop frequency automatic tracking system.

9, Special design and price, complete plastic outer skin, complete aluminum inner core, membrane switch control panel.

Features of work:

Quickly---welding time: 0.01-0.99s/time

Intention---afford more tension

Quality---perfect welding effect

Economical---without glue, save material and labor to reduce cost deduce


Detail Picture:

DIP switch, manual adjust welding time, convention and easy to learn


This machine adopts high quality elements, smart design, convenient for carrying and moving, reliable performance, easy operation, mainly for spot welding, bonding, riveting, marking, sealing and so on.