Ultrasonic punching and cutting machine (NK-CK2022)

Ultrasonic punching and cutting machine (NK-CK2022)

Dongguan City South Nekon ultrasonic Machinery Co. Ltd, owned by South Nekon group, is a well-known manufacturer which specialized in research & development, producing and sales of ultrasonic machinery. And the Ultrasonic Cutting& Slitting Department is mainly for auto ultrasonic ribbon cutting machines, cutting machines, punching and cutting machines,elastic band cutting machines, ultrasonic slitting machines, trade mark slitting machines, semi-auto cutting machines and so on; it can also make special cutting & slitting machines according to customers’ special requirements. We will offer you high quality products with strength of our company and R&D team, well after-sales service which will assure your using of our machines.

Ultrasonic punching and cutting machine is a multi-functional machine which can cut and punch on one ribbon.

Technical Data:

Model: NK-CK2022
Supply: AC220V
Power: 2000W
Frequency: 20KHZ
Pressure: 0.6-0.8Mps
Capacity: 20~80 pcs/min
Weight: 125kg
Dimension: 1300mm×750mm×1400mm (L x W x H)

Features & Functions:

1. Japan imported NTK transducers with strong output power and stable performance;

2. Double column structure which keeps the pressure in level and fixed to promise a more steady working performance;
3. Low noise with a frequency of 20KHz;
4. PLC control, easy and visualized operation;
5. Free adjustable length and speed from 1~9999mm;
6. Rotary cutters rest; adjustable cutters in free direction;
7. Easy cutting mould changing and fixing;
8. High precision, smart and reasonable design, also with beautiful appearance;

Working Features:

Efficient—cutting and punching continuously
Visualized Operation—PLC touch screen; real- time display and auto count
High Quality--- Auto sealing, without burned, black or loose edge;
Economical & Practical –auto working, labor saving

Machine Details:

1. Rotary type formwork design, angle adjustable randomly.

2. PLC touch screen and ultrasonic generator visualized, easy to adjust.
3. Cutter sliding type working, better continuity.
4. Stepping motor auto feeding, convenience and speedy.
   Straight cutter

5. Diversified mould choices.


Ultrasonic cutting and punching machine is be widely used to industries such as garments, caps and shoes manufacturing, artwork ornaments and packages etc.

Suitable for cutting and punching of ribbon, fabric taps/tape, woven belts, Velcro, rope, brand, braid, riband, mesh belt, pull bow, webbing and so on.

Finished Samples: