Auto Non-woven Shopping Bag Machine(Type B)

Auto Non-woven Shopping Bag Machine(Type B)

Summarize of Auto Non-woven Shopping Bag Machine:

From June 1st, 2008, to protect the ecological environment, China government starts to limit the using of plastic shopping bag. According to this situation, South Nekon Machinery Company has researched and developed a series of ultrasonic non-woven shopping bag making machines, including: production line of auto shopping bag making machines, auto non-woven shopping bag machine type A, and newly developed auto non-woven shopping bag making machine type B. The auto non-woven shopping bag machines in this series has a very advanced design idea, can produce many kinds of shopping bags in different sizes and shapes, integrated operation which can reduce the number of operators and highly increased the productivity and effectively control the production costs. The finished non-woven bags are fastness and enduring, economic and environmental.

Especially the newly developed auto non-woven shopping bags type B adopts a more advanced design idea, compared with type A, it gains more favor from the manufactures with more fast, stable performance and also type B machine has less error rate and greatly improve the utilization rate of non-woven fabrics

Alias of auto non-woven shopping bag machine: This machine also be called non-woven bag machine, non-woven shopping bag making machine, ultrasonic bag making machine, multi-function non-woven shopping bag machine, shopping bag machine, non-woven zipper bag machine and so on.

Non-woven Shopping Bag Machine Technical Data:

Model No. : NK-GW2012B

Frequency: 15KHZ or 20KHZ

Power: 12 KW

Voltage: 220V, 50/60Hz

Weight: 2000kg

Size: 9000mm x 1900mm x 2200mm (linear type)

Max width of the bag: 600mm

Thickness of the material: 30-120 g/m2

Speed: 50-100pcs/min (According to the size of the bag)

Feature of Fully-auto non-woven bag machine:

1. Apply to various non-woven bag such as vest bag, hand bag, HDPE bag, shopping bag and so on.

2. Vest bag: Length: 50-60cm, can set the max length to 80cm。

3. Five sets of ultrasonic systems, steady working.

4. Protective system for no material, correction system, enhance product qualification rate.

5. Change cutting and sewing effect by exchange the pinch roller.

6. Modular design, component exchange convenience and simple.

7. PLC control, high accuracy and small error.

8. Stepless frequency of motor speed, stable performance, debug conveniently.

9. Operates simply, easy to learn and use.

Technological process of auto non-woven bag machine:

Loading(non-woven coiled material)–›folding–›ultrasonic sewing–›cutting–›bag making(hole punching)–›waste recovery–›counting–›stacking.

Process full automatic except one or two person feed and take the finish goods, reduce the labor and improve working efficiency; adjust production speed and product size—up to a point; multifunction automatic non-woven bag machine operated by touch screen, with stepping fixed-length, photoelectric tracking(running accurate and steady),auto counting(can set counting alarm), auto punching and any other Industrial device; install waste recycled device to collect the waste materials in production process which can recycle.

Finished products of auto non-woven shopping bag machine: