Automatic ultrasonic non-woven cap making machine(NK-NMA1585)

Automatic ultrasonic non-woven cap making machine(NK-NMA1585)


This machine adopts ultrasonic technology, welds elastic band to non-woven automatically; through folding, forming and cutting produces non-woven round caps. It works full automatic, save labors and operating costs, greatly enhance competitiveness of the company.


Technology data:

Model: NK-NMA1585

Voltage: 220/380 V, 50/60 Hz

Ultrasonic system: 15 KHz and 20 KHz

Dimensions: 2100*2250*1480 MM

Power: 8.5 KW

speed: 50-65PCS/MIN

Productivity: 50-60 pcs/min

Other name: non-woven caps machine, ultrasonic round cap machine, dust cap machine, disposable cap machine, disposable round cap making machine, automatic cap machine.


1. Spare parts adopt finish machining by CNC, electroplate and anodization, beautiful and wear well.

2. Machine frame is made up in top industry aluminium profile, mounting plates are also made in top aluminium alloy.

3. Chinese/English control system, easy to learn and operate.

4. Independent research and development, quality has guarantee, high productivity and quality.

5. Only one operator, effectively save cost, observably increase enterprise efficacy and profit.

Application of non-woven cap:

1. Dust-proof workshop such as food, electron protection and beauty dust industry, ensure cleaning.

2. Sterile condition such as hospital and scientific research lab.