Fully-Auto Cup Mask Covering Piece Making Machine

Fully-Auto Cup Mask Covering Piece Making Machine

Dongguan City South Nekon Machinery Co.,ltd.,is located in Zengwu industrial area, Shipai town, Dongguan city. It is a professional manufacturer in automatic ultrasonic equipment for over 20 years .we can offer full automatic equipments for medical face mask, cup mask (bowl mask), duckbill mask, disposable mask, tridimensional mask, N95 mask, dust mask and other non-woven masks, has been provided whole production line of masks for many domestic and foreign enterprises, and got an good reputation in this industrial.

Instruction of Fully-Auto Cup Face Mask Covering Piece Making Machine:

This fully-auto cup face mask covering piece making machine is used for the processing of cup mask outer layer production, it utilize principle of ultrasonic cutting and automatic sealing to finish the cutting and sealing for outer layer of cup mask. This machine solve the tranditional problems: inaccurate positioning and size,low efficiency,and hing cost price of labour. It can automatic feeding,ultrasonic cutting,and scrap in sunder, improve the production efficiency,reduce the production cost price,and make the product to be more standarder,high quality and beautiful shape.

Technical parameter of Fully-Auto  Cup Face Mask Covering Piece Making Machine:

Model No.:NK-CMM03

Supply voltage:220V,50/60HZ

Machine size:840x630x1430mm

Machine eight:450KG

Feeding material size:1550x620x1510mm

Air pressure:6Kg/cm




Features of Fully-Auto Cup Face Mask Covering Piece Making Machine:

1. Pull tube feeding, positioning is more accurate, it can control to a minimum width of raw materials and save cost.

2. The length of product is controlled of uniform size, deviation ± 1mm, it can effectively control the product length, the slice of product not noly to meet the production process requirements, but also eliminate the waste.

3.Independent feeding shelf,easy to operate and adjust the raw materia.

4. High degree of automation, low requirement of worker, just need to put on the raw material to the machine and take out the finished.

5. Automatic counting,can active control production efficiency and production schedule.
6. inverter control,the production speed can be adjusted according to the request.

7. Rotary control box,the direction of the control box can be adjusted according to the request.

8. Automatic scrap collection,reduce the workload.

9. Machine frame adopt alloy aluminum,beautiful shape and not rust.

10. Adopt Taiwan ultrasonic system,Japan vibrator.

11. Adopt Delixi high quality 750 inverter,stable performance,and easy to operate.

12. Adopt inverter control,equipped photoelectric detector,and make the cutting angle more stable.

13.Automatic ultrasonic welding roller is made of high quality steel DC53,Increasing the use life,and more durability.

14.The ultrasonic mould is made of Cr12MoV material, compare to common mould,it is more hardness,and suitable for long time working,not easy out of shape

Making Samples:

Production process of cup face mask: