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How to choose a mask machine during the entrepreneurial stage

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Now that the environmental pollution is getting worse and worse, the air quality is getting worse and worse. People are not smelling the scent of floral mixed grass, but the smell of pungent gasoline and rancid smell. Especially when the wind is blowing, the mouth is full of sand. And dust, people can't breathe, masks become an important protective tool for people to resist wind and sand and resist dust. With the increase in the demand for masks, there has been a situation in which masks have been looted in many places. It can be seen how popular the sales of masks are. Many early entrepreneurs have achieved great success through the production and sales of masks.
Southern Lijin Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the production and sales of masks. It has designed a variety of mask-generating equipment, such as medical flat masks (with inner ear masks, outer ear masks, strap masks) and cup-type (bowl-type) masks. Automatic production equipment for non-woven masks such as duckbill masks, disposable masks, three-dimensional masks, n95 masks, dust masks, activated carbon masks, folding masks, 3m masks, and gauze masks and other heterosexual masks .
Start-ups recommend flat mask production or folding mask production, which is relatively low in cost and requires less labor. It is in line with the lack of funds for start-ups. Start-ups can also accumulate experience in mask generation and sales, laying the foundation for entering the mask industry.

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