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First, the holiday time: April 30, 2018 to May 1, a total of two days off, April 29 (Sunday) normal work; May 1 is a national statutory holiday, April 30 to make up April 29 (Sunday) vacation, normal work on May 2 (Wednesday)
Second, the production workshop has production tasks that need to be arranged for overtime on April 30. The production management personnel will arrange the overtime work and work contents on April 30 before the holiday, and report to the front desk clerk;
3. During the “May Day” statutory holiday, the company cafeteria will stop the meal; on May 2, the official dinner will be held;
4. Invite responsible personnel of all departments to do the pre-holiday work arrangements of the department, check the relevant facilities and equipment, do a good job in fire prevention and anti-theft, and ensure that the office and production sites are safe and orderly;
5. Responsible personnel of all departments shall keep mobile communication during the holidays, so that the company can communicate with each other;
6. All employees of the company should pay attention to the safety of personal property during the holiday. I wish you all a happy day!

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