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Application field of South Nekon brand ultrasonic lace machine

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working principle

South Nekon Ultrasonic Lace Machine, various functions: frequency adjustment, power frequency, automatic tracking processing, power density adjustment, pulse width adjustment, pre-stage over-current pulse processing, over-heat treatment, frequency automatic tracking processing, post-stage over-current regulation, Protection and stability;

Its power and frequency are in the form of analog pulse high-frequency oscillations, which can observe changes in power and frequency, and provide an accurate basis for controlling and detecting ultrasonic waves (providing equipment: ultrasonic plastic welding machine).

Wide frequency tracking: When the output frequency of the ultrasonic generator does not match the transducer frequency, it may cause damage to the device. Therefore, Southern Force uses automatic frequency chasing to keep the output frequency of the ultrasonic generator consistent with the transducer frequency, adding the life of the ultrasonic generator and transducer device;

Frequency scanning: Through frequency scanning, the transducer works at the resonance point to balance the load of the ultrasonic transducer, so as to avoid fatigue caused by partial transducer working at full load due to the difference between the transducer and the generator frequency. Thus causing damage first;

Mechanical characteristics

1. Ultrasonic lace machine flower wheel welding head is made of alloy steel material and subjected to special heat treatment process.

2. The lace machine does not need preheating for continuous processing, high speed, mass production, and corner rotation. It does not smoke or spark during processing, and does not damage the edge of the cloth.

3. Ultrasonic lace machine sewing machine is easy to operate and easy to understand, and ordinary workers operate on the machine.

4. Use 20KHZ low noise ultrasonic wave, low noise.

5. The ultrasonic lace machine directly sutures the fabric, and at the same time cuts the edges, cuts holes, prints, and shapes the product, without loose edges and without spouts.

6. The ultrasonic lace machine uses ultrasonic waves to directly edging the material, bronzing, pressing the pattern, and adjusting the power according to different fabrics and thicknesses.

7. It can be installed with color paper and gold plate paper. It can be used for printing and bronzing when pressurized.

8. Multiple machines can be combined to complete larger products such as quilts, umbrellas, etc.

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